All Machine Brands Serviced!

World Class Experience
Bob Moore' Injection Molding Machine Repair technicians have over 40 years in the repair of injection molding machinery. Our experience  enables us to repair your machine when the OEM's technician and other repair services fail. We have built well established relationships with injection molding machine manufacturers so that we can have the information and parts to repair your out of warranty machines to OEM Specifications.  

Services Offered
- Full machine overhaul
- On the phone trouble shooting help
- Project Management
- Safety device installation and repair
- Preventive Maintenance Contracts
- Controller repair and trouble shooting
- Installation of  New Modern Controller 
- Retro fit older machines
- Hydraulic system trouble shooting and repairs
- Repair Valves and Pumps
- Injection molding machine leveling
- Tie rod Installation and calibration
- Seized screw removal
- Bent or broken tie rod removal
- Plant Consultation
- Machine tune up
- And Much More......
What ever it takes to get you producing  Quality parts!!!!!

Welcome to the Solution to All Your Injection Molding Machine Problems.
We can Handel all your hydraulic repairs and control mod's.
We offer the best trouble shooting skills of anyone in the business.
Nationwide 24 Hour emergency service!
Phone: 760-867-5572